external image 315_127715686506.jpgDwight Eisenhower was born in October the 14th 1890 in Texas. Dwight Eisenhower was the Allies Supreme Commander leading up to D-Day and in the landings in Normandy. external image 2872023782_5bd52fe919_z.jpg?zz=1He commanded Allied forces in the last great counter-attack by the Germans in WW2. Eisenhower trained the first tank units.
On December the 7th 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked and Eisenhower was the senior war planner for the American Army.

June 1942, Eisenhower was put in charge of the US Army’s European Theatre of Operations based in London and he was promoted to Lieutenant general. Now Eisenhower was in charge of leading the American fight against the Germans in Europe.
December 1943, Eisenhower was put in charge of Operation Overlord, a attack on mainland Europe. This attack took much detailed and lots of planning, this is why Eisenhower was picked to lead this plan by the combined chief of staff’s. Eisenhower was given the title Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces. Eisenhower told the combined chiefs of staff that “we cannot afford to fail”.
external image 1589625-General_Dwight_D_Eisenhower-Abilene.jpgJune the 6th 1944 on D-Day the Allies faced a total of 50 German divisions lead by Rommel whereas the Allies could only land 8 divisions at a time.
On December the 15th, 1944, Eisenhower was promoted to the highest rank in the American army, General of the Army. Days later, Eisenhower had to fight back the Germans counter-attack in the Ardennes; this was called the Battle of the Bulge.
Eisenhower wanted the Allies to concentrate on the industrial heartland of Germany and leave Berlin to the Russians. Eisenhower thought the nearer the Allies got to Berlin, the more risky the fighting would be. This Would cause more Allied Casualties. This proved correct with the Russians losing 100,000 men for the battle to take Berlin.
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In 1948, after the war, Eisenhower Retired from the army but became head of NATO in 1950. He was elected president in 1952 and re-elected in 1956.
Dwight Eisenhower died in 1969.
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