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Chelmno was the first Extermination Camp in Poland. Located 14km out of Kolo in the dense forest. Nazi troops inhabited an old castle and this was the start of Chelmno.
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Chelmno was the first extermination camp to use gas vans. They had a train track run straight through Chelmno so that the camp wouldn't have attention drawn to it. Men and Women were unloaded from cattle cars and placed into lines- men, women and babies, and children. The men were sent to the graves to dig and unload bodies. Children were sent to the graves but not to dig they were lined up on top of the dead and were shot in the back of the head. The women were sent to the showers with there babies. They first had to be taken to the showers so they piled into a van. The van wasn't just a van it was a gas chamber on wheels. The women and babies were poisioned and then driven to the graves where the back opened up and the women fell out.
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This was the second biggest extermination camp. There were no places for the workers to sleep because the men would lay on top of the dead. Everyday after they had finished working seven men were shot. This camp exterminated 152000 people. The majority were exterminated by the gas vans.