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Buchenwald was one of the worlds largest death camps. It was located in Weimar, Germany. The camp was established in 1937 by the Nazi's. The name "buchenwald" was given to the camp by Hienrich Himmler on July 28, 1937. The prisoners had to build the camp in their "free time". Buchenwald had around 56,000 victims but that doesnt include the 13,000 prisoners that were transported to Auchwitz. The camp was only open to men in 1937 but women started going in late 1943. An electrified barbed-wire fence, watchtowers, and guards with automatic machine guns, surrounded the main camp. Buchenwald was made wit h 3 different parts; the large camp was were the prisoners housed, the small camp were the prisoners were kept in quarantine and the tent camp was set up for Polish prisoners sent to the camp after the german invasion on Poland. Buchenwald was the only camp that made people that were so called "work-shy" work and live in the death camp. This was like a punishment for the people that couldnt find a job. Buchenwald was used until the 1950's.

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