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This extermination center was built in June1941, and it was put into use on March 17, 1942. The camp was divided into threee different parts the Adminsitration Section, The Barraks and Storage, and the Exterminazation section. Originally there were 3 gas chambers that used Carbon Monoxide inside a little wooden building. Then they upgraded to 6 gas chambersthat were inside brick and concrete buildings, they upgraded the gas chambers because they wanted to gas more peopole at one time so that way it wouoldn't take as long and so that it would smell bad at one time rather than doing it every few days. This concentration camp was only used for 10 months. It was estimated that 500,000- 600,000 people were killed (mostly Jews).

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The perimiter of Belzec was compleatly feenced in by barbwire fencing and there were 2 openings one was for the trains that carried the Jews into the camp and the other one was for the Nazi staff so they couold leave if they were approved by the leader. There were also guard towers around the main part of the camp.

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In the Administration section the Jews were stripped of their clothes and their personal belongings and their hair was shaved off and they were forced to get their identification number tattooed on their arm.