Allied Invasion of Italy

Allied Invasion of Italy
January 12, 1941-
Britian captures Tobruk, Libya
June 21, 1942-
Germans retake Tobruk
October 23-
Battle of El-Alamein begins
November 8-
Operation Torch; joint U.S.-British landing in French North Africa
November 11-
Britain retakes Tobruk
November 25-
Allies begin offensive into Tunisia
March 7, 1943-
Tunis falls to Allied forces
July 10-
Allied invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky) begins
July 22-
Palermo falls to Allies
July 24-
Mussolini is overthrown in a peaceful coup
September 2-
Allied invasion of Italy begins
September 8-
Italy surrenders to Allies
October 1-
Allies capture Naples
May 18, 1944-
Monte Cassino falls to Allies
June 5-
Rome falls to Allies

Italy provided little strategic benefit for germany during World War Two. Italy's actions were undertaken by its dictator at any moment. Their dictator was Mussolini, his decisions started to become so erractic and potentially harmful that his own people decided to overthrow him. The campaign in North Africa became and huge deal that cost tens of thousands of lives, and the Italian mainland between Allied German forces proved that it was even more devistating.